Ymvul, Warforged Psion

Forged an artisan, re-born a Kineticist.


Ymvul was more or less “born” in the city of Aenoch’Tor. The city itself, despite being known as “The City in the Sands”, is one that is full of life, containing many greenhouses and parks, as well as a river that flows into the nearby forest and the badlands. Aenoch’Tor is a city with a steady population of both dwarves, humans, and even goblins, who run the markets and trade routes throughout the city. The trade routes there bring a bustling amount of traders, stall owners, as well as artisans, all who travel by roads or by river. The trade routes bring all kinds, including one dwarf in particular, who still lives in the city and runs his own shop to this very day. This dwarf, who goes by the name of Baelus, is an artificer, and made his living manufacturing various weapons and contraptions to help the Lord’s military, before retiring and joining a traveling caravan.

After a misunderstanding with stolen gold pieces followed by a scuffle with fellow craftsmen in his caravan, he decided to go find work on his own, away from the dangerous life of a traveler, and seek refuge in the city of Aenoch’Tor. Using his gathered funds from his previous endeavors, the humble craftsman opened his own workshop in the Merchant’s Ward, which is still in operation. He started small, selling small trinkets and interesting devices made from spare parts around the city. Growing tired of manufacturing simple objects and selling them, he began work on his masterpiece, his magnum opus, his greatest achievement. Using his knowledge of war machines and weaponry for the king, the artificer spent two years and eight months building what would become Ymvul. Instead of building a Warforged for the purpose of war, Baelus decided to build one for the purpose of helping him around the shop, and becoming an artisan himself, to continue his craft after he passed. Thus, Ymvul was born. Made of Silver and detailed with bronze, Ymvul emerged from creation in his master’s workshop, sitting up from a bed. His eyes began to glow red, and his cold metal chassis grew warm. Ymvul, after almost three long years, was alive. He greeted his creator with a stern “Hello”, and this began a long apprenticeship, as well as a friendship, between Baelus and his creation.

Ymvul, as he stood, was seen as a walking piece of art among those in the Merchant’s Ward, where he roamed and performed tasks for Baelus. Everyone across that side of the city knew him, and Ymvul became friends with several people, including some shopkeepers, regular denizens, and city workers. For quite a few years, Ymvul roamed the streets of Aenoch’Tor, meeting new faces and providing for his creator. After a while, though, Ymvul began to become more self-aware, and began to question his true purpose. As a Warforged, his initial purpose was to be for war, but he was built otherwise, and sought another purpose. He wished to unlock the powers of his machine mind, and use that power to suit his (and others) needs. After a long talk with his creator, Baelus gave him permission, and his confidence, to go outside of the city of Aenoch’Tor and pursue whatever goals he wishes to accomplish. “A Warforged with its own desires and goals besides warfare is a rare occurance,” his creator explains to him, “and it would nearly kill me to deprive you of that. You truly are my masterpiece, and I wish to let the world see that as well.” With an emotional goodbye, Ymvul packed his belongings and set forth out of the city of Aenoch’Tor, in search of somebody to enhance the abilities of his mind.

After many weeks of searching, Ymvul came across an old cabin, with bellowing smoke from a chimney. Curious as to who was inside, Ymvul knocked on the door, and waited. A dark-skinned man who was covered in tattoos, named Un’tulal, emerged and greeted him. Un’tulal stated that he was a Psion, just the man the Ymvul had been looking for. After many hours of conversing, he agreed to show Ymvul all he knows, and teach him to unlock his mind.

For a little over a year, Ymvul learned his Psionic abilites. Day and night he studied, from many books and scrolls, and toiled over many hours of mental training. He also learned hand-to-hand combat, as well as ranged combat, for if his mind became clouded, he would be ready for any foe. One day, while practicing his Energy Ray ability, he was interrupted by his mentor, and presented with a gift. U’tulal brought to him, in a box, his very own Psicrystal, fetched from caves on the East side of the country. With his very own Psicrystal, Ymvul was almost ready to set out on his own. Almost. He still had one more task to accomplish.

He needed to defeat his mentor in Psionic combat.

In the forest, by a flowing stream, Ymvul sparred with his mentor, delivering blows of energy relentlessly towards his mentor, as well as strikes with his spear. Ymvul got dinged up quite a bit, but kept fighting on. After a long hour of battling, Un’tulal finally gave in, proving Ymvul’s worth. After another heartfelt goodbye, Ymvul headed back to the city of Aenoch’Tor, where he would reside at his own hut in the Merchant’s Ward. He now awaits the day where an adventure will find him, hoping to use his mental powers to his advantage in the wake of danger.

Ymvul, Warforged Psion

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