House Rules

This is the list of House Rules/General World Information. Players can look here to see exactly what they will be getting in to. (Also noted: Some of these are not really rules, just more of a lore thing).

1) Gnomes and Halflings do not exist. They were wiped out by Dragonborn many, many years ago.
2) Wood Elves lose their proficiencies with swords and gain proficiencies with spears. After surviving so long in the wilderness, Wood Elves discovered that spears were much easier to make and more effective for hunting game.
3) Half-Elves and Half-Orcs are no longer a thing. Half-Elves will now be referred to as “City Elves”, because they have lived outside of normal elven society for so long, they have lost all of their natural elven abilities, such as prolonged life. Half-Orcs are now just Full-Blooded Orcs.
4) There is no such thing as an alignment. Paladins can be dickwads if they want to.
5) Spellcasting now uses a d20! Finally, a system that makes spellcasting easy.

  • The Spellcasting roll is: 1d20 + Base Casting Bonus + Ability Mod + Circumstance Mod
  • The Target number to beat is: 10 + Target’s Spell Resistance
  • Base Casting Bonus:
    Cleric/Druid/Sorcerer/Wizard = Character Level
    Bard = Character Level x .75, round up
    Ranger/Paladin = Character Level x .5, round up
  • Critical Failure (roll of 1) on a spellcasting roll results in spell burn (1 point of non-lethal damage per point of spell burn)

6) Getting drunk! Now with consequences! The DM is now including new tables for various types of situations, to add more excitement to the game. This includes mechanics for fighting inside of raging infernos, effects on being drunk, etc.

House Rules

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